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This Is Our Chance

This is our chance and we need you. We teach kids and teachers why the beaches and oceans need to be clean. More than 670,000 students in California have participated in KIDS OCEAN DAY in the last 21 years. This year, KIDS OCEAN DAY is hoping to reach millions of children around the globe. The nonprofit will be releasing a new video campaign, produced by Earth Protect, highlighting the initiatives and impact this program has on not only the children, but also our oceans. The goal will be to raise enough funding so that the nonprofit can bring KIDS OCEAN DAY to countries around the globe.

You must first identify the problem, then stop the damage, followed by devising a course of action, finally, putting systems in place to prevent further degradation, all the while monitoring progress. As far as global sustainability is concerned, we’re only at the first step.

Michael Klubock and KIDS OCEAN DAY has created an educational program that starts in the classroom and ends on the beach, giving children a unique comprehensive understanding of the damage being done to our ecosystem, then giving them something to do about it. He is putting us on track for an eco-solution that extends into the future and covers the globe.

The KIDS OCEAN DAY message has been taken to 5 cities in Southern California, various cities in Mexico, and to the sands of Hong Kong, educating kids and inspiring them to action.

We know that we are all connected by the health of our oceans and to keep them clean and this program going we NEED YOU!

So please donate today and help our program survive.

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KIDS OCEAN DAY has worked with over 670,000 kids, teaching them to keep our beaches and oceans clean.