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One piece of trash & plastic litter at a time.

For 27 years the actions of more than 735,000 children around the globe have been protecting our planet.


  • KIDS OCEAN DAY is a unique, nonprofit organization, teaching children the importance of coastal quality issues.
  • Our goal is to reach our millionth KID this year – motivating a new generation of clean ocean advocates.
  • Michael Klubock founded KIDS OCEAN DAY while recognizing the impact that today’s youth has on one of the planet’s most vital resources. His groundbreaking program not only teaches children about environmental issues, but also gives them a hands-on experience at the beach. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration honored Klubock with the Walter B. Jones Memorial Award for Excellence.
  • “These kids get to make a connection they might have never made before, one that hopefully will leave a lasting impression,” Klubock said of KIDS OCEAN DAY. “If you don’t get a kid out into the parks, if they don’t get to appreciate the beach, the water, the beauty of it all — how will they ever come to respect and care for it?”
  • This visit to the beach, sometimes a child’s first time seeing our ocean, gives the children a critical and personal understanding of how they impact the environment and what needs to be done to protect it.
  • Each year students from KIDS OCEAN DAY go to clean up beaches and save animals by picking up plastic and trash.
  • At the end of the clean-up the students gather together to form giant human images of ocean animals on the sand. An aerial photo is taken of the massive art installation of environmental advocacy, individually expressing the KIDS love and concern for the beaches and ocean and sending a message to the world to keep them clean.

4,500 kids gather for our May 2017 KIDS OCEAN DAY.
4,500 kids gathered for our May 2017 KIDS OCEAN DAY.

  • May 25, 2017, Los Angeles. Close to 5,000 kids, teachers and volunteers from 34 schools cleaned Dockweiler Beach and formed a giant message, with their bodies, to COME TOGETHER for the Ocean. Surrounded by kid-designed sea animals, the KIDS are sending out a global message for a LITTER-FREE OCEAN as part of the 24th annual KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Up, organized by the Malibu Foundation, City of Los Angeles, Keep LA Beautiful, California Coastal Conservancy and the California Coastal Commission. The kids are sending the world a message of Ocean Protection by reducing litter and the everyday trash and plastic that flows down the streets, killing marine life and polluting food resources. Photo Credit: Mario Signore/Megan Goedenwaagen/KIDS OCEAN DAY.
  • The impact that pollution and littering have on the planet extends far beyond the shores of the United States. This year, KIDS OCEAN DAY is hoping to reach many more children around the globe. The www.kidsoceanday.org website and kidsoceanday social media outreach on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram highlight the initiatives and impact this program has on not only the children, but also our ocean.
  • “The trash is piling up, and we are choking ourselves,” Klubock said. “We need these children to know that each and every one of them can make an impact. If we start now and give them the tools and education to protect the environment, who knows what effect that can have down the line.”

About Kids Ocean Day

  • KIDS OCEAN DAY is dedicated to a sustainable and healthy planet for all life by educating and motivating kids into action. The nonprofit organization brings a unique opportunity to underserved communities to get children’s feet and hands in the sand during the annual KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Up.
  • KIDS OCEAN DAY is that moment when a KID looks under the waves and discovers our ocean is dirty and that they can do something about cleaning it up.
  • KIDS OCEAN DAY is about teaching KIDS to hit the basket with their trash.

  • KIDS OCEAN DAY is about empowering KIDS to be the change to save the Earth, our Home!
  • An educational program is brought to the schools to teach kids the effects that littering and
    other man made waste has on our ocean and what each child can do to make a difference.
  • KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach School Assembly Program has been seen globally more than 5,000 times to over 740,000 school children in California, Hong Kong, Florida, Mexico, Jordan and Costa Rica since 1991. Almost 160,000 children from the program have participated in over 100 KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Ups.
  • KIDS OCEAN DAY has formed partnerships with the California Coastal Commission, the California Coastal Conservancy, the City of Los Angeles, school districts, local government bodies, private organizations and corporations.
  • Each year that the children participate, their action, art and voice spread the message about a clean ocean far beyond the classroom. It is this experience that connects kids to the beaches and ocean and contributes to their appreciation of our shared resources.
  • KIDS OCEAN DAY is about getting a kid’s “Feet in the Sand” and connecting them to the beaches and ocean.
  • KIDS OCEAN DAY is about getting the kids to love the beaches and ocean and to take care of them.