One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…

This famous Dr. Seuss quote rings more true today than ever. Fish from all over are feeling blue due to pollution in the ocean. What most people don’t realize is that even small amounts of pollution can create a big problem.

Biomagnification occurs when the concentration of a substance, such as pollution, in an organism exceeds the background concentration of the substance in its diet. Biomagnification is common in many fish as they ingest smaller fish who have ingested pollution. The scary thing is, a lot of these contaminated fish end up on our plates!

plasticfood infographic

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Unite Por El Mar

Kids Ocean Day is excited to be sharing our mission and passion for protecting the beaches and oceans with the students of San Diego County and Tijuana. Close to 1,500 students gathered together to pick up trash at the Border Field State Park and Playas de Tijuana on February 26th.

“We are honored that the program has been expanded by the Coastal Commission with great groups like I Love A Clean San Diego.  We are especially amazed by their jumping the fence and including our neighbors to the south in the global effort to clean the beaches and oceans,” said Michael Klubock, Executive Director.


After the clean up day, the students formed the powerful message “Unite Por El Mar.” Read more about it. 

The next Kids Ocean Day at Dockweiler Beach is on May 14th. Sign up to be a volunteer now!

Kids Ocean Day 2015

Another group of amazing kids prepare for the annual beach clean up day that will change their lives forever!

Every year, kids from all over Los Angeles join together to beautify Dockweiler Beach and learn a thing or two about protecting the environment and the animals that call it home. This trip to the beach is one that many of the kids may only experience once in their lives. Regardless of circumstance, Kids Ocean Day believes every kid can make a difference when it comes to reducing, reusing and recycling.

The oceans and beaches are constantly contaminated with trash and waste. Kids Ocean Day focuses on educating kids about the impact they have on the environment and how simple choices can help protect the oceans and beaches and the wildlife that resides in them. Kids Ocean Day takes the education to the next level by bringing the kids face to face with what they must protect.

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