One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…

This famous Dr. Seuss quote rings more true today than ever. Fish from all over are feeling blue due to pollution in the ocean. What most people don’t realize is that even small amounts of pollution can create a big problem.

Biomagnification occurs when the concentration of a substance, such as pollution, in an organism exceeds the background concentration of the substance in its diet. Biomagnification is common in many fish as they ingest smaller fish who have ingested pollution. The scary thing is, a lot of these contaminated fish end up on our plates!

plasticfood infographic

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Unite Por El Mar

Kids Ocean Day is excited to be sharing our mission and passion for protecting the beaches and oceans with the students of San Diego County and Tijuana. Close to 1,500 students gathered together to pick up trash at the Border Field State Park and Playas de Tijuana on February 26th.

“We are honored that the program has been expanded by the Coastal Commission with great groups like I Love A Clean San Diego.  We are especially amazed by their jumping the fence and including our neighbors to the south in the global effort to clean the beaches and oceans,” said Michael Klubock, Executive Director.


After the clean up day, the students formed the powerful message “Unite Por El Mar.” Read more about it. 

The next Kids Ocean Day at Dockweiler Beach is on May 14th. Sign up to be a volunteer now!

Kids Ocean Day 2015

Another group of amazing kids prepare for the annual beach clean up day that will change their lives forever!

Every year, kids from all over Los Angeles join together to beautify Dockweiler Beach and learn a thing or two about protecting the environment and the animals that call it home. This trip to the beach is one that many of the kids may only experience once in their lives. Regardless of circumstance, Kids Ocean Day believes every kid can make a difference when it comes to reducing, reusing and recycling.

The oceans and beaches are constantly contaminated with trash and waste. Kids Ocean Day focuses on educating kids about the impact they have on the environment and how simple choices can help protect the oceans and beaches and the wildlife that resides in them. Kids Ocean Day takes the education to the next level by bringing the kids face to face with what they must protect.

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Hong Kong event montage!

Hong Kong event montage!

Video –
Kids Ocean Day Hong Kong 2013 – Montage

More than 10,200 tons of shark fin were imported into Hong Kong in 2011, and this trade has led to the direct threat of many species of sharks from around the world. The message is clear: the time has come for the Hong Kong Government to enact laws to ban shark fin and related products from the territory.

Hong Kong 2013

1000 Hong Kong kids, teachers, and volunteers call for shark conservation by forming a giant shark with a severed fin saying ‘Save Me’ in Chinese (救我). The children then re-attached the fin, dotted the eye, ‘rekindling its spirit,’ and brought the shark back to life as the message of the 2nd annual ‘Kids Ocean Day’ Hong Kong organized by Ocean Recovery Alliance (a Hong Kong and California registered NGO), Malibu Foundation, and Spectral Q from Los Angeles).

The image is based on original drawings from two Hong Kong schoolchildren, one depicting a shark asking for a ‘ban on shark fin soup,’ and the other with a severed fin which said ‘save me’ while building respect for an endangered species that sadly, is universally feared. Their drawings were converted to a large scale aerial art image on the beach by international artist John Quigley, with help from all of the children, but with the fins from children at the Confucian Tai Shing Primary School, and Renaissance College primary students.

time-lapse video from Hong Kong!

time-lapse video from Hong Kong!

Video –
Nov. 2013 Hong Kong timelapse

More than 1000 children on Repulse Bay Beach formed an aerial art spectacular as part of KIDS OCEAN DAY in the form of a shark with a detached fin. The children then moved in unison to re-attach the fin, symbolizing the improved health of the ocean environment.

video credit: Moray Wedderburn, Sheli Bowman, Spectral Q, Ocean Recovery Alliance, Malibu Foundation

Aerial Art Spectacle in Hong Kong

International artist John Quigley created the original sketch by the winner of the children’s drawing competition, in large scale on the beach. The event was preceded by a week of ocean talks at local school assemblies. KIDS OCEAN WEEK delivered an exciting environmental education program, which is designed to motivate children to care about beaches and the ocean ecosystem, and what they can do in their own neighborhoods to reduce the impact on our ocean environment.

KIDS OCEAN DAY aims to inspire children by:
Showing something that is loved (Beaches, oceans, animals, clean water)
Giving reasons for loving it (Source of air, food, and recreation)
Showing damage being done to it (Entangled animals, dirty neighborhoods and beaches)
Showing how it is being damaged. (People littering neighborhoods and showing storm drain connection)
Giving people something to do about it (Reduce litter, recycle, do a beach cleanup, do a neighborhood clean-up)

We swim in the ocean. We sail on the ocean. We fish in the ocean. We walk our dogs beside the ocean. The sea pulls more and more of us to live by the ocean, with two-thirds of the world’s population already living within 80km of the sea. Hong Kong’s biggest natural asset is the ocean, and with the Hong Kong Government’s recent fishing ban on trawling in all of Hong Kong waters, we now have an exceptional opportunity as a community to really bring our local ocean back to life. Already, positive results have been seen, showing proof that if we give the ocean a chance to heal itself, it is able to do so.

KIDS OCEAN DAY in Hong Kong!

Educating kids is not easy.

That’s why we are reaching out to teachers, schools and sponsors for their help. We know you are on the front lines of what’s happening with our kids and helping them to learn what’s important. KIDS OCEAN DAY is there for you to help communicate and connect with the experts. To find out more about KIDS OCEAN DAY please visit our web site at and please make a donation and share our story.

We need you. JOIN us and help keep the ocean clean.


The 2nd Annual KIDS OCEAN WEEK is coming again to Hong Kong in with the educational and beach art event on November 8th in partnership with the Ocean Recovery Alliance.

Your donations help support projects like this.

Education, Action, Artistic Expression

Video –
Education, Action, Artistic Expression

KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach School Assembly Program has been presented over 4,300 times to over 670,000 California school children since October 1991. About 122,000 kids have participated in the last 20 annual KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Ups.

KIDS OCEAN DAY can be heard around the world.

It’s time to get inspired and wake up the world.

KIDS OCEAN DAY is working on expanding its mission and is hitting the sands of Hong Kong; educating kids and inspiring them to action.

The KIDS OCEAN DAY message and education has been invited to take its program to Africa and the Middle East. We are very excited and inspired by this global hunger for a proactive hands-on solution.

Teachers show commitment in the classroom and now we need a commitment from you.

Teachers show commitment in the classroom and now we need a commitment from you.

Video –
Do Not Litter

KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach School Assembly Program has been presented over 4,300 times to over 670,000 California school children since October 1991. About 122,000 kids have participated in the last 20 annual KIDS OCEAN DAY Adopt-A-Beach Clean-Ups.

Teachers show commitment in the classroom and now we need a commitment from you. KIDS OCEAN DAY is right there every year with the teachers, in the schools and on the sand cleaning up the beach. Keep KIDS OCEAN DAY going with our education program and events by making a donation today.

KOD is not so much a clean up as it is training of what plastic pollution looks like. It’s not just old tires and plastic milk jugs. What the kids learn is that the worst type of litter is the tiny pieces of eroded plastic and debris that usually goes unnoticed. Plastic from those red plastic cups, water bottles and Styrofoam, that go down the storm drains and break up into little fish food-sized morsels that our friends in the sea consume as a dietary staple, destroying our ecosystem. Fish eat the trash and we eat the fish.

KIDS OCEAN DAY gives the children a voice.

You must first identify the problem, then stop the damage.

Video –
This Is Our Chance

This is our chance and we need you. We teach kids and teachers why the beaches and oceans need to be clean. More than 670,000 students in California have participated in KIDS OCEAN DAY in the last 21 years. This year, KIDS OCEAN DAY is hoping to reach millions of children around the globe. The nonprofit will be releasing a new video campaign, produced by Earth Protect, highlighting the initiatives and impact this program has on not only the children, but also our oceans. The goal will be to raise enough funding so that the nonprofit can bring KIDS OCEAN DAY to countries around the globe.

You must first identify the problem, then stop the damage, followed by devising a course of action, finally, putting systems in place to prevent further degradation, all the while monitoring progress. As far as global sustainability is concerned, we’re only at the first step.

Michael Klubock and KIDS OCEAN DAY has created an educational program that starts in the classroom and ends on the beach, giving children a unique comprehensive understanding of the damage being done to our ecosystem, then giving them something to do about it. He is putting us on track for an eco-solution that extends into the future and covers the globe.

The KIDS OCEAN DAY message has been taken to 5 cities in Southern California, various cities in Mexico, and to the sands of Hong Kong, educating kids and inspiring them to action.

We know that we are all connected by the health of our oceans and to keep them clean and this program going we NEED YOU!

So please donate today and help our program survive.

Video –

KIDS OCEAN DAY has worked with over 670,000 kids, teaching them to keep our beaches and oceans clean.