KIDS OCEAN DAY is a project of the Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education that specializes in school outreach and coastal quality issues. Over 735,000 school children have participated in the KIDS OCEAN DAY Program.

Eight-year-old Allen Martinez had never been to the beach before participating in the Malibu Foundation’s KIDS OCEAN DAY School Program. Quoted by The Los Angeles Times on October 5, 1993, he said, “Cleaning the beach with my classmates made me feel hopeful.” Gazing at the horizon, a plastic litterbag dangling at his side, he remarked on how blue the water looked. “The whole place looks so beautiful, I think I can save the Earth.”

This comprehensive environmental education program consists of: school assemblies, lesson plans, a trip to the beach and an aerial art project.

It is designed to motivate teachers and K – 12 children to care about the beaches and oceans. It demonstrates how the beaches and oceans get dirty and provides “hands-on” opportunities to make a difference by recycling, reducing litter and cleaning up the neighborhoods and beaches.


This program excites and inspires teachers and children to care for the world today and to increase their appreciation for the beaches and oceans. It incorporates one of the most important issues of our community: stormwater run-off and the effect on water quality and marine life.

Our annual KIDS OCEAN DAY field trip connects KIDS to the beaches and oceans and contributes to their appreciation of our shared resources. This experience actually gets children’s feet and hands in the sand. One of the basic concepts of Environmental Education is to get children outside and in touch with nature.


In 1991 Michael Klubock, the Founder and Executive Director of The Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education, a sailor turned environmental educator, turned his love for the beaches and oceans into the creation of a school assembly education effort. He wanted to get more kids to the beach and in touch with nature. While developing and presenting the program to the schools, he personally funded and established the Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education.


Our children hear about and experience many of the bad things about living in Los Angeles…crime, poverty, earthquakes, the high cost of living, lack of jobs and deterioration of the environment. They are also aware of urban run-off, marine debris, beach litter, plastic, oil, grease and other sources of pollution. This constant stream of negative information both frightens and overwhelms children. The program goes directly to schools and addresses these concerns and the need for recycling and litter reduction by focusing on how these issues impact the health of the Los Angeles area marine environment, and empowering the children.


The goals of KIDS OCEAN DAY are to motivate the students to care about their environment and involve them in community service. Getting kids to the beach and in touch with nature challenges them to recycle, reduce litter and participate in beach clean-ups. By taking an active role in the care of their environment, the likelihood that this behavior becomes part of their lifestyle increases. Research has shown that the effectiveness of the message increases proportionately with the frequency of times it hits home. Armed with increased knowledge of the importance of recycling and litter reduction, the students will influence the habits of their friends, families and especially their parents. This increases the chances of recycling and litter reduction at home and in the neighborhood. The program teaches our children that they, as individuals, can make good things happen. More importantly, the students learn that their actions affect the world around them. This is a very powerful message. It promotes a sense of pride and self-esteem that will help them grow into concerned adults who take an active role in their communities.

The future goal of KIDS OCEAN DAY is to take the powerful message of personal responsibility to the world. KIDS OCEAN DAY is dedicated to KIDS teaching the world about ocean pollution.

Executive Director, Michael Klubock: Michael’s duties include the day-to-day operation, management of staff and volunteers, raising funds, presenting assemblies and organizing the annual KIDS OCEAN DAY event in Los Angeles.

1991 to Present – Malibu Foundation for Environmental Education

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Chief Financial Officer, James S. Kridel: James has extensive experience as a financial industry executive. He was Chairman of the GlenFed Mortgage Company, a $21 billion loan servicing business. He was also responsible for the mortgage, appraisal and underwriting function of GlenFed Savings and Loan, the third largest thrift institution in California. Previously, he served as Chairman of the California Bankers Clearing Association. He is now retired.

Secretary, Jeff Bernstein: Jeff has a J.D. from Harvard Law School. He served three years as General Counsel to a nationwide consortium of consumer and environmental public interest groups. Issues addressed included lease contracts and IRS non-profit tax status issues. Jeff has represented for-profit and non-profit activist organizations.